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Whatever their musical goals, Deborah’s hope for all her students is that they unlock their own potential, push themselves to learn more than they thought they could, discover new talents, and let music be a constant presence in their lives, whether as casual musicians or professional performers.

What does success look like for students at The Music Studio of Deborah Ivey?

Some accomplishments are easy to see:

  • Receiving full ride scholarships to collegiate arts programs

  • Earning accolades at competitions

  • Being cast in a dream role

  • Successfully pursuing a performing career

  • Moving from ensemble parts to leads and featured roles

  • Tranisitioning from community to professional theater

Equally important are the less visible accomplishments which develop character and can translate to all aspects of life:

  • Building SELF-CONFIDENCE through goals set and achieved

  • Conquering a difficult passage through DILIGENT practice

  • Performing successfully DESPITE ANXIETY

  • Establishing the SELF-DISCIPLINE to practice regularly and methodically

  • Stepping OUT OF THE COMFORT ZONE to try something new

  • Learning to SELF-DIAGNOSE problems and CREATE A PLAN a plan to overcome

  • Establishing LOGICAL REASONING skills through the study of music theory

  • Finding ways to ALWAYS BE IMPROVING through the Level Up system

Where can you see Deborah's students performing?


Seussical Jr.

Lewisville Arts Conservatory

IMG_20221106_164125234 (2).jpg

Mary Poppins

Christian Youth Theater Dallas

Studio pics for website McKenzie.jpg


Pocket Sandwich Theater

Studio pics for website McKenzie2.jpg

The Wizard of Oz

Plano Children's Theater


Dallas Children's Theater

Annie Orphan Pic.jpg

Annie Jr.

Harvest Christian Academy Lantana


Winter Recital


101 Dalmatians

Lewisville Arts Conservatory

Studio pics for website McKenzie4.jpg


Pocket Sandwich Theater


Peter Pan

Lewisville Arts Conservatory

4343937190906878189 (2).jpg

Mary Poppins

Christian Youth Theater Dallas

IMG_20230521_130900487 (2).jpg

Willy Wonka

Christian Youth Theater Dallas


Willy Wonka Jr.

Lewisville Arts Conservatory


Snow White

Lewisville Arts Conservatory

Screenshot (42).png

Voices of Flower Mound

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